Life Sciences

FITz takes great care to ensure a successful and long-term match in the Life Science industry.
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High Tech

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FITz offers customised recruitment for the unique corporate challenges facing the Chemical industry. Read more


FITz guarantees success, even for hard-to-fill positions in the Automotive industry.
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“Choose an open partnership with a real recruitment specialist; a partner committed to transparency in terms of both expectations and results.”

“As a recruitment partner, FITz looks beyond resumes. We match the authenticity of the organisation with the personality of the candidate to ensure sustainable employment.” 

“FITz is committed to helping you and your candidates make decisions that satisfy you now and in the future. Instead of impressing with a resume, we are genuinely interested in your organisation and finding the best candidate for the job.” 

“Recruitment demands a proactive approach. If you prefer to keep a low profile, FITz can set up a discrete but decisive silent search instead.”

“FITz is your ambassador, strategist and networking partner and plays a proactive role in finding the right link between candidate and company. We are committed to finding the perfect match between candidates and clients.”

“FITz provides international organisations with solutions to their strategic and operational recruitment issues. You will not only find your ideal candidate but also your ideal recruitment partner!”

“Looking for a needle in a haystack? We can help you find that needle and more, which will help you now and in the future. This is the FITz recruitment guarantee.”

“With FITz, you know where you stand before we begin our search. FITz is always honest and open about your expectations.”

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