FITz is a recruitment specialist for companies in the Life Science sector – a dynamic sector that aims to enhance quality of life for humans and animals. The biggest challenge facing organisations in the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Food industries is an increase in competition and a decrease in innovations. Many patents are on the verge of expiring, and with no new patents on the horizon, this poses another potential threat.

New partnerships
Many of the key players in this sector are drafting new business models to adapt to the changing times. This does not mean that high-value innovators will gradually give way to low-margin suppliers. The challenge is to establish new partnerships within and outside the chain and to change the future together.

Customised approach
All of this requires careful and customised recruitment and inspiring and innovative human capital with a view to the future. It calls for professionals from the Life Science sector who are committed to upholding your interests and who are willing to collaborate with others. We guarantee we can find you the right person for the job; the ideal candidate that suits your industry and your corporate culture. We find people with the perfect balance of experience and expertise, who fit the specific nature of your organisation. Discover the customised approach of FITz and meet your ideal partner in recruitment.

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