Every sector and market has its own specific set of dynamics and requires the extensive expertise of recruiters. As specialists in our field, we know our possibilities and our limitations. That is why FITz focuses on disciplines in four industries. In these industries, we bring out the best in ourselves and the market:

Life Sciences
High Tech

Our extensive international recruitment experience in these four markets allows us to offer observations and advice on a strategic and operational level. In terms of recruitment, this will benefit you now and in the future.

Industries connected
FITz knows the unique characteristics and challenges facing these four sectors, but we also know their inherent connections. Innovations in the Chemical industry lay the foundation for developments in the Life Science, Automotive and High Tech industries. Businesses in these sectors share complex processes and high-quality end products. The power of FITz lies in our ability to use these commonalities to your advantage when filling difficult positions.

Challenge us
Our approach enables us to make big promises in these four industries. It may take some getting used to – having a proactive, transparent and collaborative recruitment partner that does not require guidance. Instead of impressing with resumes, we are genuinely interested in your organisation and your candidates. Invite us for an open conversation and discover FITz for yourself. Push our boundaries, challenge us. And you will meet your ideal candidate before you know it. A promise is a promise.

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