FITz is fascinated by the Chemical industry’s role as a catalyst for other industries. Many of the innovations born in laboratories end up in our own living rooms. Along the way, these products flow in solid, liquid or gaseous form through the entire operational chain and serve as the building blocks of innovations in the Automotive, High Tech and Life Science sectors.

Companies are struggling to find suitable talent, particularly now that the Chemical industry has shifted its focus to Asia. Stricter rules and regulations governing energy and emission policies are not making things easier. Hence the strong focus on energy efficiency, CO2 management and sustainable energy. These developments call for exceptional people with special expertise; individuals who do not view laws and regulations as a limitation, but as a challenge. This calls for creative talent from the Chemical industry; people capable of developing new product applications and improving your production processes. It also calls for logistics, sales and marketing specialists who can make a real difference to your company.

The perfect match
FITz is an experienced recruitment partner for the Chemical industry. We look forward to introducing you to candidates whose knowledge and expertise match your specific challenges. Enhance your organisation with our help and trust us to find you the perfect match. Curious about our approach? Feel free to contact us and discover the chemistry of FITz.

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