Recruitment is a profession that FITz approaches with both enthusiasm and passion. We set the bar high in our role as intermediary between the best companies and the best people. We go to the extreme for our clients in four focus industries – markets with which we have extensive experience thanks to our personal approach. Our market familiarity means you can profit from our knowledge and our network.

FITz mediates key positions within the following disciplines, ranging from mid-management to the executive level:

Marketing & Sales
The Marketing & Sales discipline includes Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Product Managers, Sales Managers and Vice Presidents of Marketing & Sales. With their creative and commercial talents, these individuals form a vital link between your product and the market.

Purchasing & Logistics
In the Purchasing & Logistics discipline, FITz fills positions such as Warehouse Managers, Senior Purchasers, Operational Directors and Supply Chain Analysts. Their expertise guarantees the operational excellence of your organisation, even under margin pressure.

General Management
Positions in General Management include Human Resource Managers, Business Unit Directors, Change Managers, Lean Six Sigma Consultants and General Managers. These individuals have the vision and courage to make the right decisions for the future of your company.

Technical Management
The Technical Management discipline involves the specialised knowledge of Plant Managers, Process Engineers, Quality Managers, R&D Engineers and Program/Project Managers. FITz seeks candidates whose technical vision is inspirational at all operational levels – from the workroom floor to upper management. Their goal is to link human resources with technological innovations to benefit your business.

The right balance
Recruitment is all about customization, every position calls for a unique approach. FITz can identify these and create the right balance between candidate and position. Curious about our approach? Please take a minute to read our Project References, or Contact us for more information.

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